Monday, May 7, 2007

Diappointed - Long way to learn !

2 hrs boat ride from Ventura to Anacapa, 15 ft visi and 54F water but at the island, it could fool you as somewhere warm ! Lot more life then Monterey BreakWater (San Carlos Beach). Several sea lions hung around, plenty of 4 footer Sheephead. Great time working with 3 open water students also. The disappointing thing was no good pictures ! Got to be honest, just switched from p&s Olympus 5050 to a Nikon D80, it's such a big different. Talk about task load ! Nothing came out focus even the DS-125's modeling light was on.
The cool thing w/ the DS-125's, we had three 40~50 minutes dives and I ran the modeling light on on all 3 dives and never recharge in between. On the 4th dive, the battery finally drained but that's like 2 hrs of usage before it retired. ... I need to learn this all over again !

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