Sunday, February 24, 2008

After a couple of days of research, I was pretty sure I ran into a basking shark in Breakwater last time. It's was a rare treat nevertheless.

On president day weekend, I went down to Ventura for a couple of days diving on the Anacapa island. Weather has been up and down and the weekend looks promising and turns out to be quite nice. A long 4+ hrs drive to Santa Barabara, made my usual stop and dine at the Brothy Bros at the pier before finish the last 40 minutes drive to the Ventura harbor. We went with the Spectre Boat, this was a good sized boat but you know, I never really care the bunk bed treatment ...

With the hope of running into sea lions and better luck with shooting wide angle, I carefully set up the Tokina 10-17, made sure all lock up nicely and pray for the weather and clearity of the water. I did 7 dives for 2 days and it was excellent visibility on the first 3 dives and good for rest. Water was extremely calm, totally different than last year which was my first visit. I did wide angle for the first 3 dives and the rest with th 60mm. The most fun site for me was the underwater arch, it was packed with sea lions. I would be just fine hoovering behind the arch and just wait for them to zoom by.

Here is the album - Anacapa 2008 Febuary. Hope you like it !

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Brenda Semrow said...

hello. Could you please go to and document your experiences? There are only two months left on the historical survey and California is going to be excluded if we don't get enough data for the statistical models (there is not enough right now). It seriously takes 2 seconds to full out the online form. Please help the world see how few sharks are left by completing this survey -- and by telling all your diver friends to do the same. If you have *never* seen a shark somewhere, that is just as important.
Many thanks,
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