Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peace before the storm

As much as I said I am going to pause my underwater activities. I went diving today :-) Well, it's 6+ weeks before CADiver Jr going to show up ... and it's a decent day before the Sunday storm. It was a bit windy but the water was quite flat, little bit surge, that's all. Good visz, 16 ft solid. The kick was I found the monkey face eel again by the wall and this time I really look hard at it for a while. Sadly I don't have a camera, this is the first time I dove without a camera in many years and I found myself 2 pounds positive. It was a bit of work to stay down at 16 ft !! Now I can truly say my Ikelite rig was HEAVY ! 2 pounds negative at least ! I also went check out the SeaTool housing for D300 at Backscatter, love that housing, hope the D90 version going to come out this year, otherwise ....

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