Friday, July 27, 2007

The time has come, it's my annual dive vacation.
Off to Komondo on the Peligian. On my way back, I will stay a few days at Tulabem.

With a new 60mm, hopefully I will get some decent shots.


JennyHuang said...

Glad to dive with you my friend.

You have got great photos on your way home.

Nicely done.


CADiver said...
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CADiver said...

謝謝 Jenny ! 我也回來了! Did you all catch the plane alright ?! Tulamben is even better :-) Wayang did 8 dives with me alone and that was one of the best of the trip in addition to learn a lot from you ! Will start posting pictures once I got my life back in order. I am ready for Simpadan or Tulabem again :-)