Monday, August 13, 2007

I'm Back !

Tulambem, Bali

While diving in Tulambem may not have the same level of luxury services parallel to the live aboard of the Peligian. The dive itself offer much more luxury then the dive in Komondo though ! You can dive with a local private guide at the site you like & at the time of your choice, that alone sets apart from diving anywhere else in the world ! This area is packed with a wide variaties of dive terrain from wrek to rock formation to coral reef to semi-muck providing homes for all kinds of critters. This is not the place for giantic fishes but rather a relatively calm area for pymy seahorse, boxer crab, squaw lobster and frog fish, it's really a world full of crabs here, real crabs ! No wonder folks keep going back here time after time, I spoked to a Japanese diver who is there for the 17th times and 4 times this year alone !! Guess I have a lot of catch up to do if I can only retire after hitting the lottery tomorrow !


Komondo is beautiful, complex landscape, volcano & exotic animals all blended into a world of warm and cold water mixture hosting an unique environment for a wide ranges of sea life ! The result is an absolute spectaular diving experience !


JennyHuang said...

Fantastic photos!! Keep great works!!

CADiver said...

謝謝老師 !

JennyHuang said...

Hi Dominic,

I found that i never saw the first one photo before. Is this one kind of Pygmy? Maybe you are the first one diver to see this "Dominic pygmy seahorse"

Please post here for ID search!

CADiver said...

AS a matter of fact, when I show that pygmy to everyone in Tulamben, Wayang, Robert, Mike, etc. No one has ever seen that before ! It's a great feeling :-)
It was sighted close to the cleaning station in Seraya but the next day when we went back, we couldn't find it anymore ! We suspect it's too close to the cleaning station and too many people dove around there which could have blown the little guy away ! It's a devil pygmy, it's has a pair of horn on the forehead, god sent it to me to get even with my personality !