Saturday, September 4, 2010

Weekend with the manatee in Crystal River, FL

Took an advanatge of a business trip to DC, flew to Tampa on the week end and drove to Crystal River. Spent 2 mornings w/ the manatee. This is not the right time to visit, winter months is. We were luck to play with a few up close on Day 1. They came to greet and play with us and won't leave. Day 2 was a disater, no manatee spotted until we were done in the 3 sister springs and than the guide decided to head to the poor viz green water King's Bay. That's when we had the chance to play with "Mickey", a playful calf. Day 1 was many times better .... These animals are awsome to feel. Don't miss them if you are going to FL.

Beautiful sunrise on King's Bay Crystal River

First manatee encounter ...

Closer encounter ...

And an under over shot inside 3 Sister Spring, the water is spectaular from the constant flushing of the spring. 100 ft viz !

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