Sunday, January 9, 2011

Similan 2010

Life changed with so many things in betwee, don't get to update the blog too often anymore and needless to mention diving ! Luckily, I was able to pull a short trip to Similan Thailand before the year end. It was really short, only dove 2 days 4 dives. It was a lot of effort for just 2 days 4 dives ! Nevetheless still enjoy every bit of it.

Day one, went with SeeBees, a big catamaran, 2 hours to Ko Tachai, 2nd dive on the way back, dove Koh Bon. Had to say both sites aren't too impressive, lots of broken coral, soft coral head scatter here and there. All the expected fishes are there but the quantity wasn't that thick.

Day 2, went with KRC, speed boat 1.5 hrs to the big boat on Similan #5/6. Dove Anita reef, live was much better here with more quantity of fishes, coral was still not very impressive. Slow boat drift to #3, where we did another dive at Shark fin reef. I was diving a alone w/ the guide who is an American, it was quite nice to be able to go 1-1. I move very slowly and didn't cover much of either site but that's ok :-) Shark Fin reef had a bit of current and I could hardly take any decent shots but the dive was fun.

I had a great time and enjoy the much needed warm water fix, 82F water :-) Indonesia would offer plenty more sea life, may be 2011 I'll get lucky again ...

Similan #5/6 - Anita's Reef

Similan #3 - Shark's Fin Reef

Similan #5/6 - Anita's Reef

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