Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 潛水季開始了!

What a great way to kick off the 2008 dive season by dropping in @ the Monastery Beach. I was dry for almost 2 months and with the holiday seasons just past, all those gourmet consumed has to come back out one way or another. What a GREAT way to do that by carrying a steel tank, weight belt & a giant dSLR with 2 Ikelite strobes rig hike up that 1/4 miles loose gravel hump. By the time I reach the water, I was exhausted. Saturday was such a calm day I had never seen, Breakwater can be choppier then this and that made up a lot of ground for my wimpy limp. We dove to 110ft first dive, catch a glimpse of an harbor seal and wolf eel, didn’t get any picture though. Second dove was in the same area but a lot shallower. The second dive’s exit and the hike back to the car was really torture to the leg but made it without injury !

Sunday was a 2 dives day on the Beach Hopper II, we did Carmel Bay North and what a day & nite differences compare to Saturday. We drop down at this narrow ridge which I normally really like but on this day, it was about 20 ft side to side plusa 7 ft down drift, so we were all flying. Our less experience divers and student were holding on to kelp and rock which makes them draw a lot of air. Again, I couldn’t take any picture either, it’s does not stay. So I just enjoy the flying a little bit. Second dive we went back to the bay in front of the aquarium. Although it’s calm there, there are so many small floating objects made the overall visibility down to 15 ft or so. However I did get a few shots I like.

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