Sunday, January 6, 2008


As much I as I always love Hong Kong, it did changed quite a bit over the last few years post the 'open-up' policy by the mainland goverment. Today, we sees mainland visitors/tourists on every corners in this former British colony, hotels, luxury brand name boutiques, fancy restaurants etc. were all filled up with wealthy mainlander. It reminded us like the Japanese era from the late 70's to the 90's. Cantonese has always been the only & dominated dailect in the island but now just about everyone eager to speak Mandarin ! We have yet to see the Chinese reach that same level of popularity the Japanese once achieved. But I assure you, the next 3,5,7,9 years, we will see dramatic changes year after year. I don't kow but it's a taxi meter, it just kept increasing. Meanwhile, I had captured a few pictures from my trip to Hong Kong, hope you like it. It mostly express what I am interested of course, food and scenary I wanted to remember.

Now I got to figure out where to dive next ... :-)

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